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Welcome to Edexcel University

Edexcel University situated in the border town(Ifangni), Benin Republic, we are an international academic institution of note. Authorized by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Benin Republic with the authorization number 318/MESRS/CAB/DC/SEM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA We are highly trusted, IAO licensed international university and our Motto is “Education for Innovation and self reliance”.

Edexcel University is partner, affiliated to over 40 institutions of higher learning worldwide to ensure quality assurance.

We provide our students with an interesting range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our academic staffs comprises of highly qualified and dedicated lecturers with the wealth of experience. Our students are opportuned to speak, write and understand English and French since we are a bilingual university.

Students can also enjoy our E-library with over Eleven Million (11,000,000) books. They can equally download or print and enjoy our 24 hour internet system.

My personal passion is to continually improve the quality of education for our students devoid of strike delayed or time wasting. Production of job creators instead of job seekers.

I want to sincerely welcome you as prospective students to the University. My hope is that, you will find the university to be everything you have dreamed of and more. Apart from the on campus education, there is off campus education where students studied Online as well as correspondence education for working class candidates respectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read this prospectus and I look forward personally to welcoming you to the University.

Why Edexcel University ?
Some of the benefits of studying at Edexcel

Quality Certification
A professional certification offers tangible benefits to both the individual and the employer. Invest in yourself and your career with this mark of excellence. Gain an advantage over your competition, and increase the potential of earning a higher salary.

Online Resources
Our Online Resources contain a variety of full-text magazines, newspapers and journals and reference materials to support the education and research needs of our students .

Advanced Practice
Our courses is designed to offer a flexible programme which will enhance professional development and career opportunities for student who inspire to undertake Advanced Practice roles in their desired field

Learning Best Practice
Good teaching practice is a key influence on student learning – a desired outcome and primary goal of EDEXCEL UNIVERSITY. Our lecturer strive to meet the principles of good practice in an effort to provide the best learning experience for their students.

Study Plan Tutor
A personal study plan (PSP) is a plan that students prepare for themselves. It contains the contents, extent and duration of their studies.Our lecturer helps students stay on schedule and advance in their studies

Research is supported by tens of Research center and NGO around the world, and it is carried out both in the departments of the Schools and the Edexcel College of Health Sciences and Technology. Researchers include faculty members, visiting lecturers e.t.c

Latest from Edexcel University?
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Diploma Courses

Computer Science Diploma
Agric. Economics Diploma
Music Diploma
Business Administration Diploma
Computer Engineering Diploma
Office Technology Management Diploma
Accountancy Diploma

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Graduate Courses

Computer Science Graduate
Agric. Economics Graduate
Music Graduate
Business Administration Graduate
Computer Engineering Graduate
Office Technology Management Graduate
Accountancy Graduate

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Master Courses

Computer Science Master
Agric. Economics Master
Music Master
Business Administration Master
Computer Engineering Master
Office Technology Management Master
Accountancy Master

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Edexcel University focus on these..

01. Students growth
We monitored the Achievement growth refers to academic progress made over a period of time, as measured from the beginning to the end of the defined period.

03. Focus on targets
We encourage our students to have a goal and focus on such goal. we make them to understand that by focusing and determination on a specific target they can achieve it faster.

02. Best learning practice
We are on a never-stop research on how to teach and how student can get the best out of their studies. we make use of latest technology in order to enhance student learning experience.

04. Interdisciplinary model
Our University places importance on each student’s contribution and promotes a more coordinated effort at decision making, in order to prepare them for the real world after their study.

Discover the Campus

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Affiliated institution
In order to enhance effective and effficient health research and education we affiliated with the following institution

Institute of Business Technology Management of Nigeria

Edexcel College of Health Sciences and Technology

Immanuel Bible Teaching Ministry

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